20 Digital Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore Going Into 2020

It is that season of the year again when the digital marketing trends 2020 have begun to evolve. Though it might not be an annual occurrence, every year brings its share of quirks and surprises.

Newer products are launched in the market. The consumer’s perception began to change, so does their buying pattern.

The digital marketing agencies in Melbourne undertake the liability to innovate unique strategies to help companies to grow their businesses.

The competition is on the rise and brands are forced to adapt quickly for their survival. In addition to the general upgrades, newer technological advancements are infused in the marketing arena. This garners the customer attention and also increases the visibilities of the brand. 2020 is predicted to a great year for the segment due to the progression in all fronts. The augmented reality and IoT marketing are no longer a distant dream. These factors would play a progressive role in online marketing this year.

Here are 20 Digital Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore Going Into 2020.

#1. Sleeker and Smarter Websites

sleeker and smarter websites

The consumers do not have the time or interest to browse through multiple pages of a website. They require the information within seconds of visiting a page. The site would become sleeker and smarter to accommodate this evolving need. This is probably one of the most important 20 digital marketing trends.


#2. Structured Data SEO

structured data seo

While talking about digital marketing trends, Search Engine Optimisation might seem like a complex and time-consuming affair. It is a combination of multiple activities and tasks. The latest development in this segment is the Structured Data SEO. This technique allows SEO Agencies in Melbourne in the segregation of the process into ordered packets, increasing the probability for site visibility.

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#3. Personalised Social Media

personalised social media

The significance of social media is established in the last few years. The consumer has shown tremendous response to the various campaigns in the segment of digital marketing trends. However, high competition motivates the companies to undertake a personalised approach to garner customer attention.

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#4. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Machines are becoming smarter by the day, and various innovations have influenced the marketing sector. Artificial Intelligence would be a leading digital marketing trends in 2020, enhancing the consumer experience and also allowing companies to build a better rapport with their potential target group.

#5. Semantic Keyword Search

semantic keyword search

Keywords play a critical role in the search engine optimisation. It increases the page rank of the website. Some companies tend to work on multiple keywords to enhance their chances of visibility. However, digital marketing trend 2020 will focus on specialised and focussed keywords to achieve target oriented results.

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#6. Longer Content

longer content

Marketing often faces a dilemma regarding the length of the content. It is well established that consumers do not have time to skim through multiple pages of data. However, they are always interested to know more about the industry and the products. This paves the way for longer informative and unique content in blogs and forums. Again, one of the most important digital marketing trends.


#7. Secure Browsing

secure browsing

Internet security is one of the most debated topics of the era in digital marketing trends. Consumers need to feel confident to visit the website. Companies and web development companies Melbourne have enhanced their safety policy and privacy policy to protect their and customer information.

#8. Personalised Marketing

personalised marketing

The marketing analytics software allows companies to categorise their potential target group into distinctive groups. This encourages organisation conducting personalised campaigns for their consumers. These digital marketing trends help in more improved customer experience as well as bringing in more revenue

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#9. Efficient Metric Management

Efficient Metric Management

One of the primary perks of Digital marketing trends 2020 is the metric management system. All online mediums have an in-built system to manage and measure promotional activities. This technique would be enhanced in the coming years.

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#10. 5G Technology

5g technology

This era is an era of mobile and undoubtedly this is the most significant Digital marketing trends 2020.The speed of the internet plays a critical role in improving the consumer experience whether on mobile phone or on computers. The advent of 5G would increase the connectivity between the company and the customers.

#11. The Position Zero

Position zero is the detailed information displayed before the search results or in the sidebar. This is a crucial position for all companies and SEO Agencies Melbourne as it increases the visibility and the credibility of the brand. So, this year these Digital marketing trends are going to affects the marketers very much.

#12. Power of Branding

power of branding

Branding plays a crucial role in establishing and communicating the right message about the company. Digital Marketing agencies in Melbourne take additional caution for this Digital marketing trends to converse the consistent content across all mediums.


#13. Influencer Marketing

Consumers tend to believe expert opinion rather than marketing advertisements. The influencer trend is seen in all industries and is expected to increase in Digital marketing trends 2020.

#14. Consumer Interactive content

The word of mouth technique is back, and it is in the form of interactive consumer content. Organisations encourage their customers to share their opinion and views about the products or service over the internet. And that is what which makes it an amazing part of Digital marketing trends 2020.

#15. Automation(& AI)

The human dependence on machines is slowly on the rise. Companies utilise the technology and its advancements in marketing, productions and all other avenues. This lowers production cost and increases consumer experience. You might have seen AI speakers (e.g. Alexa, Miko, Siri, etc.) are being used for making the human life more interactive. And I think these Digital marketing trends will go a long way with us.

#16. Geo-Fencing

Consumers rely on Google maps to check for businesses in any particular area. Geo-Fencing deploys the reverse engineering technique where the consumer receives prompts when they reach a particular location or area.

#17. Augmented Reality

Augmented reality enhances the online shopping experience of the consumers by familiarising the products. The technology is expected to be implemented across all industry in this year.

#18. Omnichannel Marketing

Companies tend to plan unique marketing strategies for individual mediums. However, Omnichannel marketing would allow SEO Agencies in Melbourne to communicate a similar message across all mediums. This would increase the probability of reach and visibility.

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#19. Fusion of Ecommerce and Social Media

E-commerce would no longer be the only shopping platform in Digital Marketing trends 2020. The social media platforms have joined this race allowing companies to sell their products. The consumers need not visit multiple sites and purchase the product in their favourite social media platform.

#20. Image and Voice Search

The technological advancements in Digital marketing trends allow consumers to use voice and image search to search for their required services. This provides an opportunity to comprehend the consumer interest and cater it accordingly.


All these trends are focussed towards capturing and retaining the attention of the consumers. Though all these trends might be futuristic and progressive, it is essential to remember the purpose. All channels of digital marketing are targeted towards enhancing the lead generation for the companies. The consumers are not willing to consider bulk meaningless campaigns. All activities should be personalised by Digital Marketing Agencies in Melbourne and offer practical solutions to individual customer needs. Always think from the perspective of the buyers rather than providing importance to search engine algorithms.