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Case Study About Dcelebrations

About Dcelebrations

  • Dcelebration is a unique event and party venue in Hopper Crossing, Melbourne. Itsrooms are used in internal and external events like Birthday Parties to Family or SocialFunctions; Engagements, Weddings or Anniversary Celebrations.
  • Apart from Family and social functions, Dcelebration is a preferred choice forBusiness and Corporate Activities like Exhibitions, Conferences, Training Workshops,Corporate parties or Business Activity Events including Product Launch, CustomersMeet and Training Sessions.
  • Dcelebrations objective was to appeal to a new Audience and attract leads andrevenue through the Website and Social Media. Maxlence was enlisted at the start ofthe project, to help raise their profile, online visibility and ultimately, revenue.
marketing agency for event & party venues


Dcelebrations was keen to grow bookings from external businesses to driveincreased revenue. D Celebrations wanted to maximize its online exposureon Social Media Platforms, as well as building awareness of the brandwithin new target audience sector.

Things they wanted us to perform:

  • Create Brand
  • Awareness Gain follower
  • Enhance user ratings.


  • Once we had established aims and objectives for the SMO, we were able to develop and prepare a strategy to fit the campaign goal.
  • The strategy included Managing Social Media. Increasing followers, reviews, an ratings.
  • We worked closely with the management team looking at the keywords and search
    trends, and gained insights using social media. This resulted in highlighting new
marketing agency for event & party venues


  • Ranked 4th in the SERP for the keyword Halls for Hire Hoppers Crossing
  • Conversion rate increased after following the marketing strategy.
  • Google My Business Ratings – 4.4 Star
Dcelebration Outcome

Success In Numbers


                Increase in traffic

In 2019, total followersincreased by 65% and are stillincreasing.


                     Increase in visibility

We are increasing the search engine visibility and so are the reviews.


                  Increase in sales

We are improving our goal conversion/sales from different traffic. We get good sales on our targeted industry.



Some of the most significant challenges faced by the event management company in Melbourne are the competitions and visibility. Maxlence has assisted us in handling this issue by redefining our brand image and helping us attaining a unique place for ourselves. They have helped us in creating and maintaining the entire digital platform. They started with the creation of the brand logo and the website. The website theme reflected our venue and helped consumers to have better reciprocity with us. The website design was elegant, sophisticated and offered a glimpse of our services. The company also developed a contact form which is highly effective in lead generations. Our customers are quite happy with this function. They promoted our website through search engine optimisation. Maxlence plays a vital role in the maintaining our social media platform. They provide content for our blogs and other digital forms. We owe a significant part of our success to the Maxlence team.