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The digital era has reformed the manner we do business. All companies have a liability to improve client interaction by building efficient lead generation strategies. Lead generation is the crucial focal point that contributes to business growth. Maxlence builds and implements innovative digital marketing strategies that increase the prospects beyond word of mouth advertising, face to face meetings, and trade shows. Sales and lead generation are interwoven processes where the marketing process attracts the leads and then converts them into sales. Marketer's number one priority is converting leads to customers. Even with the surfeit of lead generation tools are available on hand. Still, lead generation remains a real challenge for marketers. Statistics specify 88 percent of buyers' research on the internet obtain more information about a service or product before purchasing. As marketers, we need to build efficient lead generation strategies that offer value to the buyer through that research process by generating traffic and qualified leads. Relevant information is far more worth it than an unqualified lead. We need to attract customers who not only can purchase the product or service but have a genuine desire or need for it.

Lead Generation Process

The lead generation process has three critical stages they are: 

Awareness – This is the first stage where the customers become aware of their products or services.

Consideration – In the second stage, the customers look for solutions and evaluate the product or service offered as a possibility. 

Decision – This is a critical phase that influences the client's decision.  

Lead Generation Strategies

E-mail marketing


Using Email Marketing for Lead Generation

E-mail marketing is still one of the traditional and most effective channels used for online marketing. This methodology allows for collecting a potential customer's contact information. This comprehension of their interests enables the business to maintain a consistent relationship with them. It is a very influential tool when trying to reach prospects or upsell existing customers. It is essential to adapt the e-mail marketing strategy by tailoring the messaging to target the customer database's specific segments. Nowadays, marketing automation is a widespread technique to help marketers automatically send highly targeted e-mails to leads.

Create useful leads through SEM AND SEO

Lead through SEO

 Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a form of online promotion that involves the utilization of search engines like Google to display company ads in their search results. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) consists of receiving traffic from search engines rather than paid advertisements. SEO strategies put the website for search engine algorithms to appear higher in the primary search results. Lead magnets are bits of contents like recorded files or PDFs that can be downloaded and viewed by the visitors in exchange for their contact information or e-mail addresses. These can allow a conversation with the potential clients who are not ready to buy the product yet but can be persuaded.

 Make the best use of Social Media.

Lead Generation through Social Media

 A new avenue to look at in promoting business is social media marketing. It is a great platform to connect. There are countless ways to generate leads using different online platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Traffic can be driven from social networks by posting content on social media platforms or paying for ads that run on the systems, usually via Pay-Per-Click (PPC) models. According to a marketing research survey, LinkedIn has proved to be a more effective platform in generating B2B leads, and Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat are developing valuable B2C leads. 

 Usage of Quality Content

creating Quality Content for lead generation

 Content marketing is the core of inbound marketing. It uses different online content types to raise awareness of the business, nurture leads, and encourage sales. Usage of quality content is vital at every stage of the sales and marketing process. Content marketing for the awareness stage includes blog posts. Blogging can also be turned into other content forms such as Infographics, Podcasts, Videos, Social media updates. Providing and using high-quality content in exchange for contact information is a usual practice in generating leads. This content can be anything from a research paper, white paper, webinar, e-book, or exclusive video. The idea is to entice potential customers with a piece of content relevant to the business and necessitate them to provide their contact information before getting access to the entire range. Using a well thought out content marketing plan featuring an SEO optimized blog at the marketing process helps increase website traffic, build awareness, and increase conversion rate.

Technology advancements have turned the world into a global village, and the digitalization era has changed our perception about how we conduct or manage our business. Lead generation is vital for any business or e-commerce platform. Online-lead generation and digital marketing are continuous processes. They build trust by providing ever-increasing value, helping potential customers feel confident about purchasing the product or service. Lead generation strategy is one of the toughest challenges encountered by digital marketers, as they need more customers for their business to grow substantially. Successful lead generation varies for each company.

Moreover, generating a stream of new leads is not something that will happen instantly. A long process requires an assessment to identify which elements need improvements and how to improve them effectively. Our team would also provide influential lead management ideologies. We help our clientele to effectively utilize and maximize conversion through a series of well-defined techniques.