Online Branding

Corporate Identity and Branding

Maxlence, the pioneer in online branding solutions have strengthened the image of our clients through systematic planning and execution. Online Branding is an extensive avenue which compromises anything and everything that might influence the company reputation. This begins with the logo design to the social media content creation. Every company distinguishes themselves from their peers by defining their brand message. This unique characteristic should be replicated in the digital representation inclusive of Corporate Identity (Logo, Tag Line), Website Content, Website Aesthetics (Layout, Theme and Navigations) and Social Media Presence. Maxlence excels in both the creation and maintenance of the online image of the companies.


The various steps involved in online branding include:


Logo Design – A logo is the visual depiction of the brand message. Maxlence designers are skilled with the technical and industrial expertise to create the ideal icon for our clientele.

Website Optimization – The digital shop of the brand should offer the consumer a defined glimpse of their highlights and services. Maxlence specialises in both web development and content creation.

Mobile Application – This medium should be in synchrony with the website with enhanced performance and creative interface.

Social Media –  The role of Social Media cannot be underestimated in online branding. This is a robust avenue which assures the customer influx to the website.