Maxlence Privacy Policy

Maxlence has a stringent consumer privacy policy


Maxlence Privacy Policy

Maxlence has a stringent consumer privacy policy, and we guarantee that the information procured from our client will not be used for anything other than below intended purposes. The data collected through the website is inclusive of name, email address, mailing address and phone number. Maxlence reserves the right to utilise this information for communicating.

Gathering Feedback/suggestion

Offering personalised experience

Improving consumer support

Conducting marketing campaigns

Latest Products/update announcement

Just to say Hi

Data Protection

All the consumer data is protected in a secure server using the latest internet security measures. All information is accessed only by a chosen few and is scrutinised by company policy.


These small files help us maintain the link between the consumer’s device and our server. This helps us to recollect the user preferences and offer more personalised services. These are activated when the consumer visits the website and is stored unless otherwise, the clients decide against it.  This data assists us in deciphering the consumer interest and behaviour when they visit our website.


The information collected through cookies can be used for remarketing advertisement based on the consumer preferences.  However, you can manage these adverts using the Ads Preferences Manager.


We would consider the visit to our website as consent to the policy and will not ask for special permissions.

Third Party Links

This policy does not apply to the third party links which the company might include occasionally. Maxlence will not be responsible for the data submitted to those sites, and it is governed by their privacy policies.

Online Privacy Policy

This policy is valid onlya for data procured through the website. This does not apply to the information gathered through other online and offline mediums.

Terms & Conditions

The information collected through cookies can be used for remarketing advertisement based on the consumer preferences.  However, you can manage these adverts using the Ads Preferences Manager.

Privacy Policy Changes

The changes in the policy will be made on the page only and will be intimated directly through any source. Please feel free to contact us for more information or clarification.

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