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What are the top trends in website development in 2020? This is a common and standard question asked by experts and the consumers at the beginning or even different periods of a year. People are so obsessed with trends that it makes us wonder about the significance of this factor. Before we venture into this subject, let us brush up on the basics. What are the trends? Why are they important? The market and the consumer's expectations are continually evolving. The customer or competitor can motivate this change. With time, different stakeholders have initiated this change. In the earlier days, the innovation in products forced companies to implement the inventions in their products. Later the buying pattern of the mass audience pushed the scales. Companies will have to tweak their promotional strategies to impress the clients. They designed their campaigns and even the products to attain the results. Today, the consumer has multiple choices and has the deciding authority. The high competition of the market has tipped the scales in favor of the end-user. Companies grasp that they will have to make necessary changes to attain and retain the consumers. Web design is one of the crucial elements that influence customer behavior. Here are the top 15 website development trends in 2020.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence technology for website development

Artificial Intelligence has led the list since last year. This is an extensive field where newer applications and technological innovations are launched and tested regularly. These advancements aid the companies to build robust and interactive relationships with their potential target group.



Automation Testing

Testing automation for web design

Test automation has proved to be extremely beneficial for Web Design companies in Melbourne. It enables the developers to conduct beta testing and rectify errors at the development phase.


Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology for payments

Blockchain technology aims to simplify and strengthen the payment portfolio. This would be a valuable addition to online shopping sites and e-commerce portals.


Internet of Things (IoT)

Things related to website development on internet

The Internet of Things aids in the unification of the different mediums of the internet. The primary purpose is to enhance the user experience for the viewers.


Voice and Image Search Optimisation

Optimize your website for voice search

Data search was all the hype in the past decade. However, there have been considerable developments in this regard. Website development companies in Melbourne are beginning to provide an advanced search option to their consumers. They can utilize the product image to filter and check for related items. This will enhance the probability of sales as this system refines and purifies the product.


Progressive Web Apps

web apps for better user experience

These advancements are the ideal blend of websites and mobile applications. This has provided relief to companies who were managing two distinctive versions of communications. This empowers the users to identify and source the required information with minimal effort.


Push Notifications

Push notification services for websites

Companies could utilize push notifications to provide customized insights and deals to consumers. This system makes a decision based on the client's browsing behavior. This enables business owners to conduct target and specified advertising. This medium allows Website development companies in Melbourne to comprehend the requirements of the clients and run specialized campaigns.


Browser Extensions

browser extensions to make development easy

Browser Extensions helps the companies to build a robust relationship with their consumers. Everyone uses some browsers for their personal and professional requirements. It provides consistent recall value for the brand. This increases the probability of garnering the consumer's attention.



AR and VR

Website development with AR and VR features

A formal consumer complaint regarding the digital medium is the ability to try the products in real-time. Most people have the habit of trying out multiple outfits before making a choice. Augmented reality and virtual reality would eliminate this issue and help people to experience the products and services.



Website development with full security

The security aspect of website development is one of the critical trends every year. Consumers and companies are more concerned about their privacy. 2020 is no stranger to this requirement. Website development companies in Melbourne have identified effective systems for the benefit of the clients.



Chatbots for making communication easy

Consumers like to stay connected with their potential target groups. The chatbots would help the companies to provide round the clock support. The chatbots are intelligent and address the primary queries of the visitors. They can also assign tasks to the respective teams.


Accelerated Mobile Pages

Website development supports AMP integration

Customers expect fast and more refined results from the clients. They tend to visit multiple web designs and do not have the patience or time. Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP helps the companies to optimize the page performance and in turn, the user experience.


Motion UI

Motion UI for apps

Motion UI utilizes technological advancements to enhance the effectiveness and productivity of the site. This has been the latest origination in the industry that is adapted by leading Digital marketing companies in Melbourne. 



Browser compatibility is one of the major part in website development

The compatibility factor has been vital in recent days. Consumers use different devices and mediums to access the website. It is the liability of the company to develop a web design that would function effectively across all platforms. Website development companies in Melbourne focuses on these trends to improve their client service.


User Experience

User experience is important for websites and apps

UI has always been the distinguishing factor that uplifts the brand visibility of the company. It helps the companies to impress their potential target group. Website development companies in Melbourne have dedicated teams that would help in the up-gradation of the site.

Website development has attained a significant progression in the past few years. The companies are unable to stick to a standard design or trend. The evolution is extremely fast that there are notable changes even before companies implement them. This might seem a bit exaggerating. However, business owners can understand this factor by researching the subject. The changes in web design can be seen and experimented with in terms of languages and applications. The latest programming languages are infused with systems that would enhance the consumer experience. The applications aid the businesses to build better connectivity with the clients. In the world of high competition, companies are focused on improving their product and service quality. However, this does not just stop with the products. The large corporations and small business owners make a difference in their presentation, website, and other unique aspects. Website development companies in Melbourne helps their clients by conducting complete research on the trends and infusing the right change in web design.