Google Adwords

Google Adwords at Maxlence

Google Adwords or PPC advertising is the most effective investment to attract customers to your business.

Google Adwords is one of our most demanded online marketing services due to its great effectiveness. With our help, you will be able to appear in the first Google results from the moment you activate your campaigns, improving your visits and sales through your website.

Immediate Visibility

You can appear in the first positions quickly with 100% measurable results.

Quality Visits

Your advertising will only appear when the customer searches for your products or services on Google.

Reliable Investment

You decide how much to invest and for how long. We take care of optimizing your investment.

What Does Our Advertising Services Include In Adwords?

Study Of The Competition

We tell you how and for what keywords your main competitors are positioned.

Search Campaigns

Make your customers find you when they perform a Google search by appearing in the top positions.

Display Campaigns

Show display ads on those websites where your potential customers may be browsing.

Remarketing Campaigns

Show your ads to users who have previously visited your website while browsing the web.

Google Shopping Campaigns

If you have a web store or e-commerce, you will be interested in appearing in the Google product comparator.

Reliable Investment

You decide how much to invest and for how long. We take care of optimizing your investment.

Why Creating PPC Campaigns With Us?

Because we are a digital marketing agency in Melbourne which focuses on achieving the results that you deserve.

PPC Campaign with Digital Marketing Agency Maxlence Consulting
    • We study the needs of your business and competition to offer you personalized results.
    • We tell you if your website is ready to achieve your goals in Adwords and we recommend improvements that optimize them.
    • We design and plan your campaign and we guide you on the best investment.
    • We manage Google Adwords and Google Analytics together to get more complete information about the performance of your campaigns.
    • We work with total transparency, you will always have access to your account, which will be your property.

Looking for Solutions?

Discover our following services to build your business

Digital marketing

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing in today’s technology world has become an integral part of any marketing strategy and we understand this better than anyone else.

Online Branding

Online Branding

Online Branding is a systematic approach to Digital Marketing elements which delivers the Search Engine Marketing results.

Web Development

Web Development

Web Design and Website Development are versatile, adaptable and engage modernized approaches or market requirements.

creative advertiseing

Creative Advertising

Our skills to create Computer Graphics, Advanced Photoshop and Corel Skills and Expertise of additional advanced Software.

lead generation

Lead Generation

Our cutting edge technology skills and lead generation capabilities can deliver a multi-fold increase in your leads, inquiry, and sales and help you to reach your targets.

project management

Project Management

Project Management Consultancy service by Maxlence covers its entire Online Branding and Marketing Scope.

Web Development

Content Marketing

Content is the building block of digital marketing. We have developed our guidelines to ensure the best quality for our clientele.

creative advertiseing

Web hosting

A recent analysis states that more than 25% of the retail sales happen in the e-commerce portals and websites

Google AdWords FAQ

What is pay-per-click advertising?

Pay per click advertising is an essential part of search engine optimisation that allows companies to position their services on the first page. This cost-effective technique offers higher ROI than other digital mediums for small businesses. Leading search engines provide these advertisement services for the benefit of the consumers. 

Why do people click on AdWords ads?

When the customer searches for a particular service or product in the search engines, the pay per click adverts are displayed about the result and sometimes even on the side. This display is almost similar to the regular search results. Consumers click on these adverts to visit the client’s website. 

Why use pay-per-click marketing?

The first page of any search engine reveals only a list of ten companies. There is high competition for this position. The company undertake various activities to increase the page ranking of the website. This is a continual task where brands take different measures to retain the position. Pay-per-click marketing addresses this issue by positioning the company on the first page.


What are the benefits of PPC ads?

There are various benefits for PPC adverts. This ensures a place in the first page for the website. It manages and tracks the consumer behaviour and response in the site. They increase the visibility of the products/services offered by the company. They play a crucial role in generating leads for clients. 

Is PPC expensive?

One of the primary advantages of PPC advertising is the cost aspect. There is no standard rate card for the medium. The consumers can plan the campaign based on their budget. The money is deducted only when the customer clicks on the link. It is not expensive compared to the other digital mediums.


How much should you spend on PPC?

The amount spent is determined by the nature of the company and the expected results. Brands can start this campaign from a particular location and target group. This will help them to determine the effectiveness of the medium. They can later expand their investment portfolio to fit their needs. 

What do PPC services include?

PPC services include analysis of the particular product or services. This helps the companies and agencies to understand the market scenario and competitor strength. The next step would formulate the right keyword as it plays a crucial role in the success of the campaign. The number of clicks and leads are calculated using the metrics system for understanding the customer response. 

How long does PPC take to start working?

Unlike search engine optimisation, pay per click advertising starts to work immediately. The results are displayed on the front page or right side based on the position selected. Companies can check this advert through a simple search and use the analytics tool to measure the results. 


Are PPC companies worth it?

PPC advertisement campaigns might seem simple to configure for any computer literate. It is natural for companies to consider if hiring a PPC agency would be worth the dough. However, these agencies have a better understanding of the concept. They can have increased the probability of the results due to their experience and expertise. 

How do I find a good company for PPC?

A good PPC company can be found through both offline and online medium. Small businesses can search for a list of agencies alone or even ask for recommendations from their peers. They can read the reviews and talk to them directly to understand their services. Business owners can talk about the previous clientele to know more the potential PPC partner. 

What does a PPC agency do?

The PPC agency is responsible for the complete process right from analysis to metric management. The agency conducts extensive service research to understand the competition. They then identify the ideal keywords and create the most compelling content. They measure the results and help the clients to manage the leads generated through the activity.