15 Best Social Media Trends that will boost your business in 2019

Best Social Media Trends

15 Apr 15 Best Social Media Trends that will boost your business in 2019

It is an undeniable fact that social media has been able to change the perspective of entrepreneurship culture and has helped a lot and has helped a number of small and large scale businesses to gain popularity within a short time. If you also have a new company and you want to increase the customer base.

Then you need to follow the given social media trends that will boom your business in 2019:


1. Meaningful content creation for giving food for thought

The first thing that you have to emphasize on is to make sure that the content is picture perfect because it is one of the first things that actually decides whether or not your business will Run well on the social media. Right for the children to the adults, everyone wants a content that would lead to pondering thoughts and their phone make sure that your content is actually relevant to the products and services that you are providing and yet in an intellectual manner. Also, make sure that the content is specifically tailor-made so that your potential clients will be able to relate to them.

2. Monitoring should be there

Social media can be a great boost to your business, but you have to make sure that there is sufficient monitoring on the kind of posts that have been given. Otherwise, instead of increased traffic, you might see a downloads curve in your social media popularity which can harm your business in more than one way.

3. Using social media platforms in overlapping ways

If you are launching any event on Facebook on behalf of your company, then make sure that you launch and promote the same event at the same time in the other social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc. If you need you can indulge in paid promotions so that your company event can have maximum engagements.  The best factor about social media promotion is that you will be able to choose the audience that you want to target and that is why the chances of people coming to your event will be larger. Also, event creation and overlapping help you to communicate with huge number of people in a very short span of time, which is the reason why you can strengthen your brand in an enhanced manner.

4. Online messaging really helps

It is true that each and every individual loves to have a listener, and that is even true for the online platforms. Remember that your brand identity will only increase when you are having regular communication with all your potential clients and answering all the queries. You can even ask questions about the kind of needs they have and the kind of improvements that they expect from your company so that you will be able to improvise the same. When you are doing social listening, then you will understand that people are thinking about your brand to be easily approachable and they will automatically feel an inclination towards the same. Once you start this, you will be able to see that profitability is increasing considerably.


5. Video advantage is necessary

It has been seen that in most of the social media platforms, the video content get even more likes and comments than that of the normal content. In the year 2019, the experts say that the video content will gain even more popular because most of the people today actually are impatient enough not to read the content. Therefore, you have to make sure that you are creating blogs and vlogs regularly so that you can build a huge fan following. Try to make the videos as interactive as you possibly can because you need to understand how your competitors are faring, so you will be able to make the necessary changes.

6. Social contract needs to be responsive

Ask yourself whether your brand content is absolutely responsive or not. If it is only glued to the website content, then you need to make it mobile based. This is because until and unless your content is mobile compatible you will not be able to hit maximum reach. 2019 is the Digital year in which people like to engage in reading while traveling and doing other tasks simultaneously. According to a statistics it has been seen that about 80% of all the company’s revenue generated happens from the mobile ads,  and if your content is not engaging enough, then you will be missing out on the majority of the potential lead generation. Indifferent of the kind of device that is being used, be it tablets, mobiles or even laptops your content should be ready to be open anytime anywhere.

7. The influencers should be involved

Social media influencers can be amazing partners of your company and enhance your brand value to a great extent. For example, if you take a look at Netflix, you will be able to understand that they are collaborating with the stand-up comedians and YouTubers all across the globe in order to gain the popularity that they have been looking for. For example, if you have a financial company then try to collaborate with a favorite YouTuber who is famous in the commercial segment, so that your target audience can be inclined towards watching his videos doing promotions of your company. This way you will be able to create awareness about your brand value to a great extent. So try collaborating with individual influencers like bloggers, video creators, as well as the digital brands, so that you can implement creativity in your brand name.

8. Make the correct use of Instagram

As far as the Instagram stories are concerned, you should know that it is the most trending platform in this year and has been able to gain immense popularity. There are over 200 million people who use Instagram every single day and therefore if you want to connect with those people and reach the specific target audience make sure that you are using this platform correctly. Not only should you create posts, but you should also make sure that you are adding relevant stories which should be changed every single day in order to engage the audience in a better manner.

9. Live streaming is absolutely efficient

In 2019 live streaming has been able to create a benchmark as far is social media popularity is concerned. In each and every platform like the Instagram and Facebook brands are trying to create a huge fan following with the help of live streaming. Their food you should make sure that you are creating the best of content when you are going to live streaming.

10. Social media should be considered as a publishing tool

The social media platform has a number of options and people not only get to share the content, but they also mold the material which becomes relevant to their own viewers. Over the years it has been seen that social media has been the best publishing tool that you could ever have and it has been able to enhance the brand strength in ways more than one.

11. Trust building

It is essential for you to understand that even though social media is popular most of the content in it is fake and is published only to attract the viewers. Therefore, you must be careful enough to create original content and not copied once so that you will be able to maintain the trust among your potential buyers. In 2018 it was seen that 60% of the people would not trust the social media companies because most of the content they produced was absolutely fake. It is high time that you changed that.

12. Make perfect use of the hashtag

Using a hashtag is one of the most important things that you have to do whenever you’re publishing any social media post. For example, if your company is finance oriented, make sure that you use the hashtags of finance, loan, etc. Hashtags at the first things that comes to the notice of the people, and it is nothing but the hashtag that actually ensures whether your post will be viewed or not.

13. Participate in the chats in Tweeter

Twitter chats are highly engaging which is the reason why you would like to participate in them. If you have been thinking of making your audience be inclined towards you, then you have to understand that participating in Twitter chats is going to be an excellent option.

14. Paid promotion

If you have a new company name, then you need to do paid promotion in each of the social media so that they can gain huge popularity in a short span of time. You can be according to your convenience and check out the number of engagements that you can have in a day so that your page can be promoted and your company name can be known by one and all. Paid promotions are undoubtedly the Trends of the season.

15. Animated content

Along with creating blogs and vlogs, make sure of the fact that you are creating some animated content which is short and yet engaging so that you can keep the potential customers glued to your website.

Now that you know about each and every one of the social media Trends that will be booming in 2019, why not start making the changes right away?


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