Policies (IT & Other)

Policies (IT & Other)

Maxlence strongly believes in perfection, and we ensure to attain it through our every action. We owe our high standards to our essential characteristics

Policies (IT & Other)

Maxlence values the privacy and confidentiality of our clientele and has implemented stringent protocols to ensure the safety of the client’s data and information. All our protocols are scrutinised and periodically updated to maintain the standards. Confidentiality is more than a term to us, and our IT Security Process includes

Protection of our devices and system by enabling physical security. Our team follows multiple backup options to ensure safety.

All our transactions are monitored using secure servers following HTTPs protocols and Secure VPN for Data transfer

We employ an encrypted system for data storage in both offline and cloud.

Our infrastructure is designed to minimise external intrusion, and we have installed surveillance units to monitor our workstations.Our infrastructure is designed to minimise external intrusion, and we have installed surveillance units to monitor our workstations.


We maintain a need to know basis policy where the information is shared only to the necessary resources to ensure its safety. Our team follows a strict protocol regarding the sharing of information, and this is implemented at all levels

All devices are secured using latest data security measures to reduce any risks and to affirm protection.

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