Process Flow (5D)

Process Flow (5D)

We owe our success to our systematic operation methodology which has been rendered possible by our unique Maxlence’s Process Model. The primary purpose of this model is to ensure the same level of service to our consumer base with professionalism and vigilance. This technique assists us to maintain the Maxlence standards in consumer care and offer high-grade outcomes through our works. We manage a transparent working style through open communication and regular update management system. We have implemented the Global 5D Model in both offline and online activities. This system has been designed considering the various crucial scenarios with assistance from technological advancements. This has helped us to maintain our quality standards and provide on-time project completion. This detailed and efficient process guides our team through every step of the project ensuring the same level of approach and commitment. We follow the 5D model which has helped us to improve consumer satisfaction and deliver better results


The first step towards addressing a successful product understands the requirements of the clients. This could be both long term and short term. Maxlence makes an effort to apprehend the needs before plunging into it. In addition to gathering inputs from the client, we also research the industry to have a more clear understanding. There are various steps involved in the comprehensive analysis of the company, industry, consumer and competitor.


The next ideal step for the project would be defining the different goal and timelines. This would include determining the roles & responsibilities of the company and the clientele. A metric system and a deadline would be deciphered. The steps needed for the completion of the project is prepared with the key performance indicators.


This is where the first part of the real-time project commences. Our team makes all the necessary collaterals required for the campaign. This includes online and offline materials right from logo design, brand guidelines, website design, and flyer design to any other collateral that might be required for the success of the project.


In the deployment phase, multiple measures are taken to promote the campaigns to the potential target group. All the individual teams of Maxlence will work towards reaching maximum brand visibility. This might differ for each campaign, but the goal remains the same. We deploy all the marketing techniques feasible to ensure a better result for our clientele


Maxlence is one of the few companies in the industry to follow a debrief protocol after the project completion. We evaluate the complex steps in the plan and understand the result. We compare the actual result to the expected number and comprehend the success. Our team will then make any changes if needed and adapt the KPIs accordingly.